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        Planetario Realty Staff is always ready to serve you with full respect, kindness, and always with a smile. We aim   to consistently give our best in accommodating all your needs and wants. To engage with you with full sincerity and do business with you with a heartfelt gratitude. 
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          Here in Ashiyana, our main goal is to provide high-end projects that the agents can offer to their clients with full confidence. Quality projects that can convince our dear clients to buy our lots at one glance. We guarantee you that we will follow all that is on the time-table we’ve promised you.
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       We are House Builders, Contractors, and Workers that is committed in giving you high-quality and excellent service. We are a fusion of professional, hard-working, and highly-skilled workers that can deliver you services and works that will exceed your expectations. For every project, we assure you that we will give the best workers, premier materials, utilize the best tools, and come up with the best results.
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Introducing the KSM Builders Unit Model Houses🏘
Each one of these houses are design for small and big families. We made sure that this houses will create wonderful and quality spaces for your comfort and convenience. That’s why we are giving you different options and designs that you can choose from. If you want it, we will build it!
Now is the time to have that dream house of yours! So check this out and picture yourself living in one of these houses that you can turn into a home soon.
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“We Sell not only Real Estate Properties but we Build Stronger Relationship with our Clientele”

When we started our company, we are very clear with our Vision to become WORLD CLASS REALTY to meet the excellent standard of our clientele. This vision carries us to built a strong foundation to become a perfect choice for all our sellers and clientele.

Planetario Realty & Development began operations in June 2018. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions aimed at ensuring optimum returns for our clients on their assets and investments, as well as serving the broader real estate needs. Driven by culture on family values, its solid reputation, strong relationships, and good camaraderie among its members. The organization understands the necessary professionalism, commitment, integrity & knowledge required when dealing with any property transaction.

At Planetario, we have the empathy & expertise to ensure you are in very capable hands no matter how big or small your property requirements. The hard work and commitment from everyone involved at Planetario have firmly established the company as one of the leading realty companies in Bohol and beyond. In this highly competitive real estate market there are many compelling reasons for both buyers and sellers to gain the advantages of having an experienced real estate professional on your side. No one wants to lose money, nor leave their dreams to chance. We provide a personalized real estate experience to ensure seller and client’s satisfaction.

We know how to navigate the many details, opportunities, and pitfalls that can make your transaction a rewarding experience. We take the time to really get to know your needs and lifestyle dreams, your challenges and goals, and provide realistic and honest guidance along the way. It is our job to put your needs and interests above ours at all times. Our brokerage is dedicated to making sure all of our agents put our Clients first. Always!





The ones behind the success of Planetario Realty over the years.

Chief Executive Officer - Planetario Realty
Erwin is now ready to engage bigger challenges in the Real Estate industry in Bohol.
Chief Executive Officer - Ashiyana Development Inc.
“Favie” opened the door of Planetario Realty & Development June 2018.
Chief Finance Officer - Planetario Realty / Ashiyana Development Inc.
Doy brings many years of experience as a CPA to Planetario.




Buyers love our personal service & sellers love our professional representation of their properties.
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These are what our clients and agents tell about us

To all employees at Planetario Realty &Development...I wanna say all of you are doing a fantastic job ...you are well motivated and dedicated to the company...you are all hardworking and enthusiasm people....you guys are Rockstar im proud of u all...maintain the dignity.....
by Joena Cabaltera
Lot Owner, Planetario Realty & Development
The number one (1) reason I choose this place because it is nice and I also want to invest a lot for my Families future. I'm so thankful to my agent who assisted me, I really love the place. And to the staff of Planetario Realty & Development very approachable, thank you so much!
by Josephine Quiao
Lot Owner, Planetario Realty & Development
It's nice to talk to you, explain to you properly. Thank you to Mrs. Lourds Gencianos Pastor Yosoya will help you get a good location even if you have # lot of questions, she won't get tired of explaining properly.
by Noel Jasmine
Lot Owner, Planetario Realty & Development
Fulfilling one's goal is hard to achieve, but thank you to Planetario Realty & Development for making it possible and believable. To all employees of Planetario Realty & Development, You guys did a great job. You are such an inspiration. To maam Jocelyn Llego, thank you maam for all your hard work and continue to be a blessing to others.
by Margie Hangad
Lot Owner, Planetario Realty & Development
Like many other real estate practitioners, I really experienced a lot of challenges and troubles that I really need to overcome. The greatest challenge in my profession as a Licensed Real Estate Broker is finding the right persons with the same mindset and attitude. Real Estate industry is a collaborative industry, it is composed of people who work together to achieve the same goals. However, my past experiences in my career were very difficult, it was really hard for me to find people with the same mindset and direction in life. In short, my first few years in the real estate industry were a failure. It was September 2018 when I noticed a very energetic and motivating person online, his actions really motivate me to reenergize and revive my sleeping real estate career. Without hesitation, I set an appointment with this young and very motivating person with FB name GO N WIN, I thought first that his name was GOWIN, that is why I called him in our first encounter as Sir GOWIN. Immediately, I offered my services as a real estate broker in the company because I know, with the help of the company, my real estate career will grow. Just a few months as the managing broker of Planetario Realty, I receive a lot of achievements like being a PRC Accredited Lecturer for Real Estate Services, my skills in real estate career also developed because the company gave me the opportunity to attend and join national and international real estate conferences and training. Having the right business partners, establishing real estate networks and true friendships are my greatest achievements in joining Planetario Family. I always believe in the saying “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life”.
by Carlson S. Saniel
Managing Broker, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
When I started in Planetario, i have no idea if i can sell properties. But when i studied the mechanics, focus on clients and drive my goal to hit my target sales, thank God i did it!!! But of course with the helped and assistance of my Planetario family. Here at Planetario, we begin from scratch. But now its all worth the effort of my hard work because from nothing to having my dream..like having my first car. I wouldn't be where i am now if not with Planetario. As i go along my journey as sales manager, i will continue to build my goals in life together with my Planetario family❤
by Ann Gelyn Saycon
Sales Manager, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
"Sales Person? Me? No thanks". These are the words I said to my wife when she asked me to join the realty. The only thing I know before is to do the things what my superiors want me to do on-board. I am not really a talker. I don't have the talent of "Sales Talk". So when I decided to join, my eagerness and curiosity drives me to study, learn and practice the mechanics on how to sell a property. In Group Chat's, somehow it irritates me to hear my phone's numerous notifications, but I understand that in GC's, there you will learn more and how you will sell certain property. Thank you, Planetario for your non-stop support. Your visions to make us all Planetarians to become world class sales persons are just an inch away..
by Aquilino Gamus Jr.
Sales Manager, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
Many times I refused to this kind of job because I thought I can't do this! Until I was motivated by my mother, then start to collect knowledge about measurements, gaining friends, colleagues and having a very open minded clients, and found myself loved to this kind of job,and landed to become a Sales Manager, Praise to God He gave me those clients who made us have this position.. And proud to say that we my husband becoming to be financially freedom and one of a lot owner of Ashiya-na projects which makes us more exciting!! Beacuse if we chose to be doubted we can't afford to have a peice of land in our own effort! And finally we found ourselves blessed and so happy that we belong to this company! coz we felt that we are so much belong to the group..Thank you Planetario Realty for changing our financial status!!
by Lourdes Yosoya
Sales Manager, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
Wow! Amazing I am so proud to become part of Planetario Realty. Me and my husband decided to work full time in real estate. We resigned from our job and focus on selling real estate. We started Real Estate Industry with no knowledge. We are thankful to God and for Planetario Realty with our energetic Sir COO my mentor and our three solid leaders in Planetario Realty through tough and trying times we are able to overcome. The best, wise and smart leaders. More obstacles and success to come. What I love the most in Planetario is we keep on learning, we are trained and motivated everyday. Most of all our high ✋ values make us united as one family, share love amidst of our differences and focus on our company mission and vision. #mabuhayPlanetarioteam #IlovePlanetario #TatakPlanetario #SolidPlanetario
by Nancy Abueva
Sales Manager, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
As a sales agent who experienced “realty hopping”, it wasn’t easy to find a suitable realty that will mold me into a professional sales agent and sales manager. At present, the Planetario realty helped me acquire financial freedom. Also, it enabled me to help other people by encouraging and guiding them to make sales professionally. Our Planetario family has knowledge, professionalism and terrific instincts that consistently guide us through to excellent outcomes while providing great deals. It is truly a pleasure to work with Planetario Realty.
by Elma L. Tocmo
Sales Manager, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.
Planetario Realty is my second big family whereas meeting new faces, new collegues and new friends. we have bonds beyond different aspects. Everyone creates this challenge and big opportunity to us when it comes to earn extra income. Planetario Academy molds us to become a better salesperson providing as in different training and seminars,to grow and gain knowledged. All this accomplishment I experienced in Planetario Realty is beyond expectations. I salute and big thanks behind this success with our mentors and three big bosses COO Erwin Saycon, CEO Flaviano Tampos and CFO Feleciano Agta. More power to Planetario Realty 🖐️
by Liza I. Visto
Sales Agent, Planetario Realty & Development Inc.


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