Digital Marketing & Closing Techniques

“Being able to KNOW is different from being able to UNDERSTAND” Knowing is not understanding. You may KNOW that Digital Marketing and Closing Techniques is important to learn but only few are able to UNDERSTAND on how deep is its concept and how essential it is towards Financial Freedom💰💸💰Join us! as we talk about understanding the essence of DIGITAL MARKETING AND CLOSING TECHNIQUES which leads you to Succeed in Real Estate business👌You’ll surely not just gonna understand but enjoy as well together with our highly respected speaker, the CEO of Planetario Realty , Sir Erwin Narisma Saycon🔥Schedules of seminars are as follows: ☑️Feb 16- 2pm , Loon Bohol (Face to Face)☑️Feb 17- 2pm, Tubigon Bohol (Face to Face)☑️Feb 18-2pm, , Dimiao Bohol (Face to Face )☑️Feb 19-7pm, Online Worldwide thru Zoom See You on seminars Team! 🔥🖐️

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