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Team, the Delta Variant of COVID-19 situation has evolved further and further, now we are facing with a significant global challenges. In addition to the immediate and grave health concerns, we are seeing a much wider impact since 2020 on all of our lives as well as the Real Estate Industry and all business sectors. With this, there is a great sense of crisis everywhere in the world and still we don’t know when it will end. It is in this context, I would like to address you on behalf of our Chairman, our entire Board of Directors, and as the CEO of Planetario Realty and Development Inc. and Planetarianzs Realty.

Planetarians/z we would like to Thank You for what you have done already to ease this pandemic crisis and to get our company prepared to cope with this situation. Your sacrifices, undying support and commitment makes all the difference. We would also like to reassure you that as a company, we are resilient. Over the course of more than 3 years, we have seen and mastered many challenging moments. We are convinced that we will overcome this one too with your help and support. It is in time of crisis, heroes are born and you are heroes in the field of Real Estate. We earnestly and humbly request all of you to contribute to this one day at a time. This is the moment for extra effort, for going the extra mile. Your effort will make a huge difference to our company and to our society and to your family as well.

While the virus threat is global in nature, the situation is different in each country and changing very fast. What we can do is to follow the protocols of our government and the LGU’s respectively like wearing of facemask, social distancing, washing our hands and wearing of faceshields if necessary because in our field as a Real Estate Salesperson, we work outside and facing the odds everyday. We would like to recognize the big sacrifice of our Chat Support Officers, Chat Support Executives, Assistant Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Unit Managers, Division Managers, Brokers, Planetario and Planetarianzs Heads and Staff and to all Government and Private Frontliners, you are our heroes during this pandemic- your commitment and your discipline are critical at this time to maintain business continuity locally and globally. It is our top priority to support you all the way in this important endeavor.

Planetarians/z. We are so proud and inspired by the way our company has risen to this challenge. Last year 2020, we showed our strong dedication and face the pandemic. With God’s guidance, we become Number 1 Realty in Bohol. Thank you for your enormous contributions. Let’s work together-across all- to keep going and going and let’s continue the “Walay Kapoy Kapoy Attitude”. Let’s make this one our finest hours and I know we can do it and we can achieve it Team, whatever small and big goals we have as a company.

Team, Let’s pray to God that this crisis will end as soon as possible and go back to normal life. Keep and stay safe everyone. God Bless us all !

Thank you so much ❤️

Erwin N. Saycon
Planetario Realty – CEO
Planetarianzs Realty – CEO

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